Friday, November 18, 2005

XEC Under $37 and a sum up

I'm continuing to put my money where my mouth is, so when I said XEC was cheap I meant it. Now that its under $37 I'm jumping in for a trade.

Meanwhile GE hit the target of $35.50 I set for short term gains (I said I liked it at anything under $34)

ILSE is at $17.35 after that moderate quarter that most investors were expecting them to bomb (I liked it at anything under $14)

CSCO is down badly on acquisition costs over buying SFA @ $43 a share, I originally recommended it to buy below $17 and sell above $18, believe it or not right before they reported in after hours trading they made it to $18, then dropped like a rock, CSCO I wouldn't poke with a stick right now as tempted as I am to mon back at $17.

INTC I liked at $23.50, its now above $25, but I wouldn't want to ride it much longer, rather I'd want to be on the AMD roller coaster.

TMWD I was dead wrong, analysts had too high expectations and this stock just got butchered unfairly.

BOL was down for about 3 weeks after their funky accounting practices down south, now it seems to be back on track.

MLNM is above the $10.50 I said to sell it at, I wouldn't want to hold it much above that.

And TWX has seen a nice pop since yesterday and is now above $18


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