Wednesday, December 28, 2005

The Only Thing to Fear is Fear Itself...And the SEC

As mentioned before I went down to NYC for a taping of the intro scene to Cramer's Mad Money (Back To School). For a 40-60 second scene the shooting took about 7 and a half hours. I was basically an unpaid extra, but it was worth it to see Cramer (one of the few celebrities I actually look up to) in person. It was pretty boring and at least 7 of the kids ditched during lunch. Although I did get a free Mad Money T-Shirt, as well as 2 Bulls!

The main problem was that it was happening during the transit Strike, so I ended up walking about 100 blocks by the end of the night, The first 50 trying to find a damn wireless hotspot so I could do my conference call about updating web pages for my internship. The next 50 trekking it to the train station to get back home (Thank Jebus Metro North didn't shut down too).

It was pretty cool when he spoke to us, he was a very calm and realistic person in real life... Well he was calm then. It's nice to see someone isn't a complete sellout and A-Hole off the camera. He spoke to us a little about foreign markets (he likes Brazil) as well as how people do after hours trading based on his recommendations.. And how many people screw themselves over doing it. Such as one instance where a stock he recommended that doesn't even trade primarily in the US went up 3 dollars on his recommendation and people sold it off in foreign markets, but since it isn't primarily traded in the US the next day it had opened up unaffected, stupid moves like that can cost people thousands of dollars.

Another thing I was surprised to hear was about how the SEC is down his throat, and in fact its very hard to maintain a relationship with his former Hedge Fund partner Berkowitz. (I wouldn't be surprised if they monitor his phone calls and emails between him and other professionals out there. ) But infact it is pretty much illegal for him to talk to Berkowitz about his recommendations considering his actions can have a profound effect on the market. So besides sports and social matters there isn't much he can do with him. I would hate having to be careful what I say about the stock market at all times and worrying about dissemination of information, but with the SEC cracking down you can't blame them.

Sorry about the lack of posts, I've been busy working for a Anheuser Busch distributor, and it was a pretty busy Christmas... I'm hoping new years isn't the same, I've been trying to fight off Bronchitis since Thanksgiving and haven't had a day to rest until today. I have a couple pictures of the classroom where we did the shooting and I'll post a picture of my Bulls :). I hear they're ebaying for like $50 a piece on eBay... Even though they sell for $5 at the NBC experience store.

Besides that I've been busy with everything else since I've been back home for X-mas Break, so I apologize for the lack of posting, It'll pick up again within the next 2 weeks depending on work and Internship.

Friday, December 16, 2005

Meeting Cramer on the 21st!!!

I'm gonna have to gather all my Cramer stuff and buy the Confessions of a Street Addict book! Cause I'm getting them signed in a few days (Have I mentioned I'm excited?). I might also be on tv but thats no biggie, just bragging rights. :)

Cendant (NYSE: CD) Is looking Pretty Sexy

Due to an announcement of management changes and technology development, Cendant took a hefty hit and even hit a new 52 week low on the 13th. This company like so many other's used to word "synergies" which is an excuse for companies that have nothing to do with each other to come together a long time ago. But now they're going forward with plans to split up and "unlock value", which was also supposed to result because of the synergies.

just like Altria (MO), which is also on its way to splitting up, this company will be worth a definite amount more when it's separate. While Altria (MO) should break par when it breaks up and I think is being well anticipated, the CD breakup has been less than fruitful.

Cendant when it breaks up should be worth somewhere between $20-$24.50, I consider it a buy anywhere below $17 (and it will most likely miss estimates next quarter by 3-5 cents a share). So by the time it reports it may be lower which could allow you to drop your cost basis if you're buying in levels. Did I mention you got a nice little dividend thats around 2 and a half percent yearly as well?

So CD buy below $17 and sell above $20, MO is still a decent but under $77, but I'd rather have it under $75.

I am not responsible for your trade decisions made or not made because of my opinion shared here. You should always do your own research before buying/selling a stock.

Thursday, December 15, 2005

Mad Money Tickets

I just got a callback from Page, a producer at Jim Cramer's Mad Money TV show. unfourtunately I wasnt around to answer, but I'll try her back tomorrow, but looks like I might be at the next Mad Money Main Event in January.


Wednesday, December 07, 2005

MDRX and AmerisourceBergen

What's nicer than a fortune 500 company cutting a deal with a smallcap company you have a vested interest in? Well as Cramer would put it "It's better than a sharp stick in the eye".

Allscripts has seen a nice jump today thanks to an announcement of an alliance to help provide the next level in electronic health records. Thanks to such initiatives as the Medicare Modernization Act (MMA), and just the plain fact that having a large paper trail is becoming more costly in terms on man hours and materials and accuracy, there's a big push to move to a secure electronic way of keeping track of and taking care of patients.

I stand by my call of buying below $14.40, I picked up another 45 shares 13.98 recently for the hell of it.

I am not responsible for your trade decisions made or not made because of my opinion shared here. You should always do your own research before buying/selling a stock.

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Why I hate my Circuit City charge card...

...And pretty much any other store card while I'm at it.

Simply put, I think credit cards are evil, I don't like owing people money, and with the new legislation its even harder to get out of debts you shouldn't have in the first place. Being I was an employee of Circuit City at the time, they were required to give me a card despite the fact that I had zero credit history and had just barely turned 18. I didn't want this pure concentrated evil so that I could use it to buy a PS2, but rather for the purposes of building a credit score (which within 3 years was better than my parents).

Anyway, to the point, if you were out shopping during the day after whatever recent holiday happened, then you were most likely annoyed by perky little people looking to sign you up for the store credit card. Sign up today and save 10% they say, get a $15 gift card they say, but what don't they say?

1. Anything you do with a credit card may affect your credit score, including having too many, or applying for multiple cards within a short period, or running your cards up to the limit, all can lower your credit score....I plan on owning a nice bachelor pad/home eventually, mainly as a tax shelter, but in order to own a home I'm gonna need every credit point I can get.

2.They're going to charge you ridiculous late fees, in fact they thrive off it. Most credit card companies have in that very fine print that if you miss even 1 payment (and with things being hectic during the holiday season its very likely) they will charge you a late fee, and most likely will raise your interest rates... Over 30% of their money is made from people making payments late.

3.Time-Value of money, if you've taken any economics course you know the effects of inflation and interest and compounding. So pay attention, most of these store cards may save you 15% today, but charge you a 24% APR tomorrow. Its most likely you won't pay off that store card right away, or even that Visa or Mastercard card either. They're going to make money off the fact that you don't pay it off right away.