Tuesday, January 31, 2006

GOOG is down = Market will be down?

The Internet search giant missed its quarter, and as I'm looking at after hours trades its down over $53.00, what confuses me is why is Yahoo! being dragged down as well, Why is Rediff.com being dragged down. I am still Bullish on Google, the whole reason they missed was because of the government, yes the government. Google is getting taxed to hell and can't defer as much as analysts wanted, thanks to the government double taxing of your S-Class corporations they had to pay well over 31% to taxes. Analysts made their calculations on a tax rate of 30%, some as low as 26%.

Google still may have some downside in it, still there will also be some value players that see this as an opportunity ( I didn't see it dropping to $400 as an opportunity). I am not touching this stock till friday at least because of the "Manic Panic People" who will dump GOOG using a market order like a moron.

simply put YHOO is still cheap, and GOOG almost is, in a perfect world I would pick it up below $330, I don't see it dropping much below $300, but I was wrong on Tumbleweed so I don't offer guarantees on this either.

Meanwhile UNH has popped today, Health care is the second biggest buzz word out there, and UNH is right there for the Health Care Cost Consolidation play.

Ok so here's my crazy thought, I am thinking the QQQQ might be the place to be, its going to be dragged down tomorrow during trading, will it go GASP, below $41? it may be a nice safe position for 5-10% of your securities for growth we'll see over the year.


At 5:32 PM, Blogger Salbert said...

Google was makin' my beloved YHOO go down. Total 'mon backs on both.

At 7:42 PM, Blogger Salbert said...

Helllllllllllllloooooooo?! If you don't update soon. Your link goes bye-bye!


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