Monday, January 23, 2006

In response to Salbert's Question

Even though I won't buy it, what was the stock? Also, did you go to the Mad Money main event?

They send it as an image so it doesnt get filtered out as easy, I just got another one today. The sad part is oeioke are buying into it. This huge PR campaign...this burst of volume is about 27,000 shares so far today, but whats their average volume? 4200 shares a day... I could account for this company fluctuation in market cap by 643,000 with a $200 trade. seriously don't touch this IFNX thing imho.

In the meantime while we're talking about penny stocks, I might as well throw my money at a ponzi scheme, which while I am a member of one , I'm only playing with other people's money (I spend about $8 on my own and racked up $700 from referrall commissions and it took off from there) but I wouldn't reccomend doing one of those unless you want a break from the football bets and OTB. They claim to invest in FOREX, which I'm not going near because the people in forex can sometimes trade with 99% of their money on margin, I don't go near margin, although I may start selling short after this year when I build up some cash reserves.

If I were to invest in a Penny stock, it would probably be Mphase Technologies, they do some DSL components for lucent and apparently have a nanotechnology battery that they're workign with bell labs that if it ever takes off, it will be big. I might buy 500 shares of this for the fun of it, but I want see if the stock dips below a quarter if I were to.

I also think my money is alot safer in UNH which has been takign a beating even though it reported 18% growth, UNH is definietly getting into Mon' Back area now and if I had another 2 grand in free cash flow I'd buy up a lil bit more. my position in UNH is down about $70, which is no big deal

As for the main event, no I haven't gone yet, because I was bedridden for about 2 weeks I didn't make it to the event. I sent an e-mail to paige who will let me know about the schedule for a future main event and get me the VIP tickets she promised. I can't find the damn cord to hook up my camera so I don't have pictures of the classroom set. But I did see my arm on tv the other night! and I'll see it again February 1st when they're in Harvard, maybe even my whole body, but damn they got some nice cheerleaders for that promo which is a total rip of Good Will Hunting.


At 5:53 PM, Blogger Salbert said...

Oh, it's one of those four letter stocks, I'm glad I bought some YHOO yesterday instead of that.

P.S. You're absolutely right about the cheerleaders.


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