Wednesday, January 11, 2006


Thanks to a Piper Jaffrey upgrade my shares of MDRX popped, and I have to admin I was in way over the 20% limit with this thing. But the more I did research the more I continued to buy under $14. I kept on buying and buying. and now its completely paid off.

I got back home and noticed huge volume in the AM, because I didnt yet know about the upgrade I only sold it when it was up about 1.50, but I had bough into it much lower.

My portfolio is now up about 10% for the year! not too shabby. this is my first trade of the year, and what a nice one it is. my portfolio was up 17% total last year I think (might be 16.89%) but i think with dividends and interest on my small cash position it got pushed up.

I am look at buying MO (Altria) I've missed the moves in alot of stocks I've been watching, like UTX, and I don't like AVN at its current levels, although if it dropped down to $2.70 I would buy a few hundred shares.

I will be returning to school this friday and my posts should return to being more frequent as I'll have access to high speed internet.

I also think I saw myself on Mad money last night, you know that scene where the kids hold up the letter and flip them, I'm the "A" in the background. It was worth the experience, I wonder if they show me at all elsewhere, but CNBC doesn't have a budget for extra's, but i did eat half a pizza on their dime :)

also I talked to paige the audience producer and should have tickets to a show sometime after May since I've been sick or working lately.


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