Wednesday, March 01, 2006

OSTK seems a good short candidate

OK so I've been out partying and have had some little ebayer thinking he can scam me outta $300 on paypal, so havent really had time to catch my fav show Mad Money.

but I found out today that Jim Cramer got this inquiry into stock manipulation of OSTK . Which I seriously dont think you needed some hedge fund manager telling you to short the stock, a quick look at their eps and chart since Dec 04 is a representation of where this company is going. whenever I go shopping online I never see anytihng come up for their site, their marketing seems to be down the hole and their profit margins are possibly insufficent.

I really dont like any of the online retailers as a whole, I'd still rather play the major delivery companies like UPS under $75 or FEDEX under par. Their surcharges for fuel and pushes for efficency in routes allow them to minimize additional costs brought on by fuel and random bombers in the arab nations and rebels in nigeria as well as exponential Asian and Indian Growth.


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