Friday, March 10, 2006

So what do I think of Yahoo!

Well despite the fact that I was having trouble logging into Yahoo! finance today, I still am a strong believer in this company. their stock just recently hit a 52 week low...and I fear it may go even lower. I am actually considering dumping about 11% of my portfolio into this company at current levels. I've liked it at anything under $34.50 if I recall correctly, and think its going $37 by end of year, and if good news comes through it could spike as high as $45.

believe it or not I think its a play on Japan. about 30% of its value I think is held in Yahoo Japan, which it has a 34% stake in. the rest of its value is based on its increased online growth mainly from ad revenue. considering Yahoo is having a growth rate of about 27-30% annually, unless it drops down to about 20% this stock is really undervalued.

I am looking into buying this stock somewhere under $31 share. I'm waiting to see how it reacts considering its new 52 week low and for some reason see some people jumping ship and dragging it down another $1-$2 /share.

By the way, march is dividend month for my portfolio, One of my better dividend yielders, BUD, I still think is buyable under $43/ share, although preferably somewhere around $41. Besides their growth in China, and Mexico (They own half of Corona) , the fact that you got Buffett behind it is reason enough to jump on for a long term position or perhaps a DRIP portfolio.


At 6:57 AM, Blogger Salbert said...

I think INbev is a good beer play, and come join me in the house of pain with YHOO. I buy after the drop at $34.20, and the Damn thid goes to $30!


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