Friday, April 07, 2006

Bought Apollo Resources International (OTC BB:AOOR.OB)

I am now officially in Apollo Resources (AOOR), I am in this mainly for a trade based on speculation of the valuation of one of its subsidaries (EBOF). now goto EBOF and look at the market value, see that? its in the 50 millions.. why the hell should I be buying companies with interest in Bio Diesel (Which actually currently costs more than current diesel and wouldn't have a industry wide distribution of 70 million barrels if it weren't for Gov't subsidies) oh yah back to the point.

Check out NASDAQ's quote of EBOF... notice there's a difference of about 350-400 million? thats where the money's going to be made, because AOOR will be reporting on their next SEC 10-k that they have around a 80% stake in EBOF, based on EBOF's valuation alone AOOR is worth 2-5x as much as it is now. This is higly speculative still and only for a short term trade in my opinion. If you must, try and get in at .65 or below.

Trade at your own risk.


At 8:37 AM, Blogger Salbert said...

I've always been nervous abput getting into OTC, but I did find one company that makes some storage devices that might have some potential. It's Initio (OTC: INTO).


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