Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Crazy day in the market

YHOO more than beat my expectations, I thought the bears would be all over it still but it managed to gain 2 and a quarter.

PTSC went nuts today, being it was completely oversold 2 days ago. and gained 34.88% today... The thing is, the more I look at it my crazy self thinks its still got more upside, so I'm going to sit tight and enjoy the roller coaster ride (I bought it with unsettled funds so can't sell it anyway).

AOOR took a small hit today, as I expected, but it may start movin up to the .90's soon. Its subsidary's got some nice free PR again today thanks to good ol "BioWillie" and they filed their SEC paperwork saying that they do own a good amount of EBOF's outstanding shares.


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