Thursday, April 06, 2006

Gold at $600 and might be playing the pink sheets

Alot of your central banks aren't dumping gold in huge amounts all at once, and rather keeping a controlled supply of it going, in fact some central banks are considering buying it! Scarcity of gold is growing by a small percentage and is pushing up gold, It may fluctuate down to $550 sometime during the year, but its hit the $600 mark alot sooner than I expected.

Also I reaad over on another blog (I never can remember the links) about a little company called Apollo Resources (AOOR). Which alone isn't really worth much. but had a huge runup yesterday thanks to an announcement that it is disclosing the fact that it owns a sizable chunk of of Earth Biofuels Inc (EBOF) which happen to have Willie Nelson and Morgan Freeman on the board of Directors ... mostly for show... but let em think they're actually making a difference and get some free PR. I'd like to get in at around .60 /share but if I become eager may fork out .65 , either way if EBOF's value is true.... AOOR shares should be worth a little over a dollar up to $2.75/share by the end of '06 based on EBOF's valuation alone -Thanks to Allan for the betting opportunity, its like my days at the OTB, darn the gov for allowing OTB to reduce organized crime's hold on betting ponies!


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