Wednesday, April 19, 2006

YHOO hit numbers, going up

I think YHOO did decent, not great but decent, enough to kill its current undervaluation. After market and pre market trading has it up 3-7%, I think it should at elast close at $32 or above today conservatively. One small step in its way up to $37 / share.

Meanwhile UNH is continuing to get slaughtered. whats so wrong with them stopping executive options? means more money for the company as far as I'm concerned. and they shouldnt have done anything eilleagal since rules weren't implemented until 2002. But meanwhile S&P drops it to a $57 target (they're always conservative) and a hold rating from a buy. and the Goldman analyst is probably working with a short seller that wants UNH to goto $48. Till then I'll just have the rest of my money working for me while my UNH and Tribune shares continue to bottom. I'm still going for my 12% goal. and while I'm there almost with realized gains, I'm still not going to take a loss on UNH. Its trading like it has 5% growth when it will be having 15% growth in 2007.


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