Thursday, February 23, 2006

I see a cheerleader!

It was pretty cold on the set, but they had a couple of the girls on staff dress up, poor things were cold and put on jackets when they weren't shooting.

CNBC is low budget, they only had 1 camera, so they had to reset it up alot. As revenge I took 2 bulls instead of one :)

The only problem was I couldnt connect to the wireless network to kill time, I ended up having to walk to a starbucks with wireless internet in it to connect to the internet to do a conference call for my internship after the tv shooting.

Its a stampede!

The cute blonde sitting next to me had a whole collection of bulls, After cramer cut up all the bulls he had we needed to borrow hers when Cramer was throwing bulls at the professor.

We all laughed :)