Monday, March 20, 2006

Bought YHOO at $30.00

Well I been saying I liked YHOO and at $30.00 a share I picked up some.

Last I checked it was up well over a quarter so far today so I'm into the black very easily, although I bought it last Friday on a limit order while I was busy playing video games.

Also based on St. Patties day, I would give the advice of "Don't punch a New York state trooper", it will only lead to bad things and only ruins the party for the rest of us.

By the way do you know who the US's biggest trading partner is? many may think its China.... But infact is Canada. I consumed alot of Labatts on St.Patties day and confirmed this.

I've been watching Tribune as well, besides being a reliable dividend yielder, I think its cheap on a valuation basis if it drops below $29 a share. Although the media sector isn't the best out there I think this stock has taken a beating and besides paying a dividend should either get a 10% bounce back up (I Hope) or hit $31.50 - $32 sometime during the year. I'd prefer to see how it reacts once it gets closer to its 52 week low though. Invest at your own risk... TRB is a very small position in my portfolio.

Also HAPPY 50th Post to me!

Friday, March 10, 2006

Heard it on the street

Well, I can't say much... but I occassionally hear someone knows more than me, can't tell me what, but tells me to buy it.

First I heard about Avanair around $3, would have given me a nice 33% gain. nice little company that is developing a drug for a disease that no one else has a drug for, or at least one that would be approved in the US market for years. although now its trading over at the AMEX. Hedge funds got into it at under $3.

Also read over on another blog about a company called PTSC... turns out the little company has a patent on microprocessor technology and sent out about 150 letters to major companies about patent violations. Its already struck a deal with Casio and Fujitsu and is issueing 2 dividends within a month on apparent revenues on them. Now if I could only find that blog again....

Got told about SFFS, apparently a guy that knows a guy that knows a guy said something was going on. Someone I know ended up dumping a good chunk into it as part of that, I can't disclose how much but then whaddya know, its announced Hudson City Bank is buying it out for at the time was about a 8-10% premium over what it was trading at at the time.

So anyway was talking to a guy about UNH (Which is cheap as hell) and my most recent heard story is this little company called IONA, anyway apparently they got something in the pipeline and could possible cause a double. I don't like the fact that they risk a delisting from NASDAQ, although I think that their issue can be resolved, just some trouble with some people dieing at inconvenient times for reporting as far as I can see.

I'm still looking into it, I don't like its current price levels and if I do get a position I'd prefer it under $3.50, if I find out what's really going on there I'll definietly get in.

So what do I think of Yahoo!

Well despite the fact that I was having trouble logging into Yahoo! finance today, I still am a strong believer in this company. their stock just recently hit a 52 week low...and I fear it may go even lower. I am actually considering dumping about 11% of my portfolio into this company at current levels. I've liked it at anything under $34.50 if I recall correctly, and think its going $37 by end of year, and if good news comes through it could spike as high as $45.

believe it or not I think its a play on Japan. about 30% of its value I think is held in Yahoo Japan, which it has a 34% stake in. the rest of its value is based on its increased online growth mainly from ad revenue. considering Yahoo is having a growth rate of about 27-30% annually, unless it drops down to about 20% this stock is really undervalued.

I am looking into buying this stock somewhere under $31 share. I'm waiting to see how it reacts considering its new 52 week low and for some reason see some people jumping ship and dragging it down another $1-$2 /share.

By the way, march is dividend month for my portfolio, One of my better dividend yielders, BUD, I still think is buyable under $43/ share, although preferably somewhere around $41. Besides their growth in China, and Mexico (They own half of Corona) , the fact that you got Buffett behind it is reason enough to jump on for a long term position or perhaps a DRIP portfolio.

Wednesday, March 01, 2006



I've mentioned before how much I hate this stock ever since I picked it up well above where I should have thanks to a market order I should have never placed Feb 15th of last year, it accounted for less than 5% of my portfolio and was just dragging me down. But I was confident I could wait it out and let the stock get back into the black. and today it finally did! I even went so far as to reccomend the stock when it was at $17 a while back.

Today Cisco jumped 3.4 percent to $20.93 shortly before the company's chief operating officer was scheduled to speak at a Merrill Lynch conference.

ok now get this, I made a whopping 34 cents off of this, that's right! Thirty four cents! (it was supposed to be 35 cents but Scottrade my broker was slightly off by a few thousands of a cent in the limit order and it cost me a penny.

If my position in UNH wasnt significant already I'd be even further mon backing, BTW GE is getting into a value play... again, last time I picked it up was at $32.69

OSTK seems a good short candidate

OK so I've been out partying and have had some little ebayer thinking he can scam me outta $300 on paypal, so havent really had time to catch my fav show Mad Money.

but I found out today that Jim Cramer got this inquiry into stock manipulation of OSTK . Which I seriously dont think you needed some hedge fund manager telling you to short the stock, a quick look at their eps and chart since Dec 04 is a representation of where this company is going. whenever I go shopping online I never see anytihng come up for their site, their marketing seems to be down the hole and their profit margins are possibly insufficent.

I really dont like any of the online retailers as a whole, I'd still rather play the major delivery companies like UPS under $75 or FEDEX under par. Their surcharges for fuel and pushes for efficency in routes allow them to minimize additional costs brought on by fuel and random bombers in the arab nations and rebels in nigeria as well as exponential Asian and Indian Growth.