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Direct Marketing Club Of New York - Helped to Facilitate the transfer of an outdated web site into a Content Management system that allwed a more direct control by major club members over the content and website capabilities. Assisted in adding/transfering over 100 pages of content, troubleshooting minor technical difficulties, settting up a banner ad server to increase value to current advertisers and attract new revenue, setting up Urchin website metrics, and utilizing Adobe Photoshop CS2 and Macromedia Fireworks for graphics/photo gallery creation.

Old West Food Company - Created a web page with a front end that would dynamically display content such as directions, menu's, specials, customer comments, have employees submit an application or let the customer know about the restauraunt. Also had a complete backend utilizing PHP/MYSQL that would allow a manager to modify all the above in order to change any necessarry content on the site as needed as well as an employee login that would allow them to check work schedules. Project was one of 4 submissions to customer from class.

Congratulatory Letter from VP of Alfred Food Company here

click for larger imageAlfred Almond Elementary School - Was involved in the development of a new template for use by the school that allowed the teachers to utilize training in Macromedia Dreamweaver. Most of my work involved creating most of the pages by filling in the large gaps of information that was not provided by the inexperienced systems analysis team.

Press Coverage of collaborative project here

Congratulatory letter from AAES Principal here

Visit their website here